Arbor Heights Elementary

Arbor Heights

Walk & Roll to School Day

Summary: Join the Arbor Heights community on Oct. 4 for our first Walk & Roll to School Day of the year by walking, biking, or rolling to school.

Oct. 4 is Walk & Roll to School Day! Walk, bike, or roll to school next Wednesday and be part of a special day. Can’t walk or roll the whole way? Park a few blocks away from school and walk or roll your way to campus!

Do it for…

Our Earth! Transportation is Seattle’s largest source of climate emissions. When we drive less, emissions go down in a big way.

Your Health! Students who walk and bike get exercise built into their daily routines. Studies show that students arrive at school more attentive and ready to learn.

Our School! School pick-up and drop-off can be hectic, with lots of idling cars in the same space. Walking, biking, and rolling reduce congestion around schools and make the air cleaner to breathe.

Fun! Walking, biking, and rolling on your own or with friends can connect neighbors to each other, and it’s just a fun way to be outside and part of the neighborhood.

Fun prizes for everyone who participates!