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Hello AHE Community! Below are links to resources along with library news announcements. I hope you and your family are well. Looking forward to seeing you!

-Ms. Lindow

Librarian Jessica Lindow in the library wearing a cape

Library Resources

Library Link is a partnership between Seattle Public Schools and The Seattle Public Library. All SPS K-12th grade students and staff now have access to a Library Link barcode and pin, which allows access to digital resources through Seattle Public Library. Click the link in the heading to learn more about Library Link resources and how to login to your account.

Learn more about Library Link

Library Link


Epic! is a digital Library for kids 12 and under. Right now you can join free for 30 days!


Sign in with your library card to access thousands of comics, graphic novels, audibooks and more.



Free access to this teaching and learning website during school closures.

How to Access Our School Library Catalog Online and Place an Online Library Hold

After you have clicked on the link, view the pdf or the video titled ‘How to Place on Online Library Hold’.

Accessing E-books Through Our Library Catalog

Students can access single or multi-user e-books through our library catalog.

  1. Once you are logged in to the catalog, you can read, checkout or hold e-books. Scroll down the home page to the headings Lightbox, e-books or Interactive e-books, which are all types of electronic books in our library catalog.
  2. Click the ‘see all’ tab in each heading to see all books in each section.
  3. To open a book, click the ‘open’ icon on the lower right of the book cover.
  4. Click ‘checkout’ to check out the e-book. Start reading! Some interactive books have read-aloud features, some even have videos.

***Please note, Mackin ebooks open with a separate username and password, see below
Username: ARB
Password: access

In the library, students use the I PICK method to help them choose a “just right” or “good fit” book.
I is for I choose
P is for Purpose : Why do I want to read?
I is for Interest : Does it interest me?
C is for Comprehend : Do I understand it?
K is for Know : Do I know most of the words?

Students and families can also search the library catalog for books with specific Fountas and Pinnell levels. To search for books at a particular level from home, click on the link to the library catalog on the upper right of this page. This should open to the library search page. Next, type in the word “level” and then the Fountas and Pinnell level you are searching for.

For example, type in: level J. Finally, click the ‘subject’ option to search by subject. The list of results should include books at the level you searched for. This level is listed at the bottom of each results record under ‘Fountas and Pinnell’. You can also click on the ‘resource lists’ tab on the left of the library search page, then click on the ‘public lists’ tab to see lists of books at individual levels.

Paying for Lost/Damaged Library Books


Students with an overdue book will not be allowed to check out until the missing book is returned or paid for.

Lost or damaged books can be paid for by check or exact cash in the library. Checks should be made out to Arbor Heights Elementary. Students may also replace the missing or damaged book with the same title or another new or gently used book. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Lindow at

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering on a regular or one-time basis, please contact our librarian Jessica Lindow at

Library and Check-out Expectations

Arbor Heights Students SOAR in the library by:

  • Using strategies to solve small problems.
  • Staying focused on their learning
  • Respecting others with their actions and words.
  • Using library materials and resources responsibly.
  • Using the appropriate volume for their activity.

Check-out Expectations

Kindergarten – 1 book (choice book)
1st Grade – 2 books (“just right” book and choice book)
2nd-5th Grade – 4 books (“just right” books and choice books)

Library Goals

The goals of the Arbor Heights School Library Program are to:

  • Foster a love of reading in students.
  • Teach library, information literacy, and digital citizenship skills that equip students to effectively access, evaluate and use print and digital information.
  • Provide and manage resources that support students, staff, and families.

In the library, students are introduced to engaging, informative material through the use of interactive read-alouds and technology. Each class has 35 minutes of library time per week, which includes a lesson and check-out time.

Lessons focus on location, access, and evaluation of resources, as well as the support of reading skills, strategies, and curriculum that are being taught in the classroom.

WCCPBA Book Award

WCCPBA Book Award Book

Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award 2021 Nominees Announced!

Global Reading Challenge

Many of our 4th & 5th-grade students participate in the Global Reading Challenge (GRC), a reading event sponsored by Seattle Public Library (SPL). Participating students read 10 books selected by SPL librarians and form teams with other students from their school.

Teams face off to answer questions about the books in an in-school challenge. The winning team from the school moves on to the semi-finals.