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    What are the responsibilities of the Safety Patrol?

    The primary responsibilities for safety patrol team are the following:

    • Help direct students safely to the playground.
    • Assist with greeting students at morning drop-off.
    • Help students and their families cross the parking lot exist.
    • Maintain a safe, friendly atmosphere that reflects positively on our school and community.

    Who is eligible for Safety Patrol?
    Any 5th-grade student can apply to be on the team. There is an application process that requires the student to write a short paragraph describing why they would like to be on the team and get their parent's approval.

    What's the time commitment?
    Safety patrol members typically are assigned for one-week each month. During the week of their assigned duty, they must be at school by 8:20 a.m and meet in the safety patrol room. At 8:25 a.m. they go to their assigned position. In the afternoon, they leave class at 2:40 p.m. to meet and go to their assigned position and are on-duty from 2:50 p.m. - 3:05 p.m. The team also meets together once-a-month during lunch to discuss talk about safety issues and to pass out compliments.

    My child takes the bus, can they still be on Safety Patrol?
    During the week your child is on assigned duty, they will need to arrange for a ride to/from school since they are on-duty during bus arrival and departure.

    What if my child is sick on a day they are on-duty?
    Substitutes are available for absences yet too many absences, regardless of type, will result in a review with the Safety Patrol team. Further participation on the team is based upon the outcome of the review.

    What are the benefits on being Safety Patrol?
    It provides students with pedestrian safety training and an experience in good citizenship and teamwork.

    Contact: Jeff Davis & Mitzi Sato, Safety Patrol Faculty Advisors