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    In the event of an emergency during the school day that requires us to implement our Student-Family Reunification Plan, there are several pieces of information we'd like for you to be familiar.

    Please review the information below carefully and share it with any person you've designated as an emergency contact which authorizes them to pick up your child if you cannot.

    It is critical that you follow the proper procedures in retrieving your child at school during an emergency. Our school has a detailed emergency plan and process for releasing children in these circumstances. Following the plan will ensure you are reunited with your child as quickly as possible. It enables us to keep track of each child throughout the reunification process including who has picked up the child, and their destination before leaving school grounds.

    What You Need to Know:

    * Take a deep breath and be prepared to be patient - it's a big task and staff will work as quickly as possible to reunite you with your child(ren).

    * Please be sure to have your photo I.D. with you when you arrive at school.

    * Do not enter the school.

    Step 1:
     Parent Request Table

    * You will start in the check-in line called Parent Request Table.

    * While in this line, you will fill out a form titled Student-Family Reunification Form.

    * When you arrive at the front of this line, the person in charge will take your form, check your I.D., and verify that you are authorized to pick up the child(ren) you are requesting. You may only take someone else’s child if you are a designated emergency contact for that child and your name and contact information matches the information in that child's student data profile.

    * A runner will be sent to retrieve your child, and you move to a second line called “Reunion Release.”

    Step 2: Reunion Release

    * You will wait in the second line, Reunion Release while the runner goes to pick up your child from the student assembly area.

    * When your child arrives with the runner, the person in charge at the "Reunion Release" table will recheck your I.D. and require you to sign that you and your child were reunited.

    * All paperwork will remain at school.

    Step 3:

    * You may leave with your child after completing the above steps. 

    Other Information to Consider:

    * Our school's “Incident Command System” will likely be in place if the emergency is severe and will require us to solicit additional volunteers to manage the reunification process. If you can stay and help, please offer to do so.

    * If you arrive before the Parent Check-In and Reunion Release staff have set up the stations, please be patient. You will need to wait to leave school with your child until after you have completed the reunification steps outlined above. If you are able, please consider volunteering to help with the setup.

    * The parking lot will most likely be closed off to allow access only for emergency vehicles. If you live close to school, please walk. If you need to drive, please park on one of the streets nearby.

    * Stay calm; be helpful: Your child is in the safe care of familiar, loving hands.

    * Please do not call the school. School staff will be busy responding to the emergency, and the needs of students. Depending upon the type of emergency, the school phone system may not be working either, or may have evacuated the building. If school phone lines are operable, they need to remain open and available for school staff to communicate with emergency responders.

    * Depending on the type of emergency, please call Seattle Public Schools if you'd like additional information. The staff at the district office may have more time and resources to get you the information you need. Communications: (206) 252-0200. Main Line: (206) 252-0000.

    * If you come to the school during an emergency, please follow the directions from staff and volunteers. They will be wearing orange vests to be easily identifiable.

    * Bring your photo ID. Park offsite & walk on to the school.

    * Help everyone help every child. Talk to other parents. Contact your family members.

    * Go to the Parent Check-In area. Do not enter the school. Please go through all the procedures as instructed before removing your child from school. The location of the Parent Check-In area will depend on the type of emergency.

    * Remember that it is often easier to contact someone outside of the state during local emergencies.

    * Have a family plan with a designated contact for all local family members to call in the case of an emergency.

    * We have water, food and other emergency supplies on hand at the school to care for your child as long as needed.

    * Children take emotional cues from adults. Please keep this in mind as you greet your child.

    Have your photo I.D. | Stay calm | Be patient | Follow instructions