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    Arbor Heights is committed to providing a quality Physical Education program that builds knowledge, fitness, movement skills, social well-being and confidence so all students can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.Arbor Heights Physical Education (P.E.) is a success oriented program. Having students focus on what they can do as opposed to what others can do. Students are trying to improve their own skill level at their own pace. We work on specific fitness activities when students are in P.E.

    K-2 students work daily on their fitness activities. Grades 3-5 students begin the year with a fitness assessment. The areas we assess in are Muscular strength (push-up), Muscular endurance (curl up), Flexibility (sit and reach), and Cardio respiratory endurance (Shuttle run). Students will then conference with the P.E. teacher to set goals in each area. We then work each day to improve our scores, working toward personal goals. In May, we asses again to see if we reached our goals. Arbor Heights’ students come to P.E. every other day. Arbor Heights P.E. uses developmentally appropriate progressive motor skills K-5. In addition, team, individual and lifetime activities that build the habit of an active lifestyle are used. The P.E. environment helps improve social relationships and emotional well-being through active engagement in physical activity.