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    In addition to their classroom science instruction, Arbor Heights students come to E-STEM class weekly to build skills and enthusiasm for E-STEM with our E-STEM teaching specialist, Ms. Waldron.

    Students will participate in: group challenges, engineering projects, fair test investigations, inventions, science stations, growth mindset lessons, data collection, observation activities, extensions of their in-class science topics, work in the garden, and more.

    Our trimester themes are: Fall (NGSS Practices), Winter (Energy and Innovations) Spring (Diversity and Interconnectedness: Service and Application)

    How to get involved: I’m always looking for ways to involve the community and boost student learning!

    * Volunteer to go on a short field study with a class, help in the garden, or with a class project (make sure you’ve completed your volunteer paperwork)

    * Come speak about a STEM topic, career, or teach us a STEM skill.

    Below are the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and science & engineering practices that we will be learning about this year.