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    Arbor Heights’ students participate in three science units each year. These units, provided by the Seattle School District, allow students to experience learning about life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences.

    Fall Unit: Animals 2x2
    Winter Unit: Fabric
    Spring Unit: Wood

    First Grade
    Fall Unit: Organisms
    Winter Unit: Weather
    Spring Unit: Balls & Ramp

    Second Grade
    Fall Unit: Balancing & Weighing
    Winter Unit: Liquids & Solids
    Spring Unit: Soils

    Third Grade
    Fall Unit: Plant Growth and Development
    Winter Unit: Rocks & Minerals
    Spring Unit: Sound

    Fourth Grade
    Fall Unit: Ecosystems
    Winter Unit: Circuits & Pathways
    Spring Unit: Food Chemistry

    Fifth Grade
    Fall Unit: Land & Water
    Winter Unit: Models & Designs
    Spring Unit: Micro Worlds