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    Our Multi-Arts Program encompasses the study of both Visual and Performing Arts. Throughout the year, all K-5 students attend a specialized class two times per week with our Multi-Arts Specialist, Laura Drake. Ms. Drake is a National Board Certified Teacher in K-8 Visual Art, holds a K-12 Theatre Endorsement, and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction. She is also the founder and owner of Stage Struck, a local-area theatre group in Seattle for young people.

    The Multi-Arts curriculum and instruction are closely to the Arts Common Core Standards and city, state and national arts standards. 21st Century Skills such as Creative and Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Perseverance, and Growth Mindset are included too. Within each art discipline, age appropriate skills are taught.

    Visual Arts

    In Visual Arts, students are exposed to the seven elements of art starting in Kindergarten, which progresses in depth at each grade level. Students work with a variety of art mediums, learn about different artists and discover how art teaches us about our world.

    Student art work is showcased throughout the school and at the end of each school year, all students bring home their personal art portfolio.

    Performing Arts

    Performing Arts into two categories: Dance & Movement and Theatre.

    In Dance & Movement students learn to move together as a group in a variety of ways within a range of music and dance styles. Dance and movement are used to explore, express a story or set of emotions.

    Theatre work can include nationally-recognized theatre games that teach cooperation, imagination, and sharpened use of the senses. Theatre can also include singing songs for certain school events, working on acting scenes from plays or acting out a story in class.