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    Student Arrival & Dismissal
    Posted on 04/05/2021
    screenshot arbor heights map

    Click on the dynamic map link here to determine where your child will meet their teacher each day (click on each number icon to see which cohorts enter at what gate/zone). At the end of the school day, students will exit from the same gate/zone. 

    We have certain zones on the perimeter of campus where you can do a quick load/unload if you are dropping off or picking up your child by car. These areas are for a quick drop n' go or pick up n' go with the driver remaining in the car at all times. If you prefer to park and walk with your child to their gate/zone, please park on the non-school sides of the street on 104th or 105th or on one of the side streets within the neighborhood while being extra respectful to our neighbors and make sure that you aren't blocking access to any driveways or mailboxes.