Letter to Families: Boren Building Update

Dear Arbor Heights Elementary and K-5 STEM @ Boren Families:

As many of you know, Arbor Heights Elementary will colocate with the K-5 STEM program in the Louisa Boren Building, 5950 Delridge Way SW, for the 2014-15 and the 2015-16 school years while the existing Arbor Heights building is being replaced. 

We understand that co-location has its challenges, but please know that the well-being of your student is important to us, and we will make sure our students and staff have room for teaching and learning, lunch, gym and play space. Seattle Public Schools has used interim sites in all major construction projects, including Roosevelt High, Garfield High, Sealth High and Cleveland High. Staff will work diligently to ensure a successful transition. The purpose of this communication is to share the status of the work to date in terms of building use, logistics and safety and security. 

1. Building use
The administration of both Arbor Heights and K – 5 STEM have been working closely with District personnel to ensure equitable use of the facilities.  There will be common areas such as the lunchroom, playground, music room, library and bathrooms.  Due to the staggered start/dismissal times, students from Arbor Heights and K – 5 STEM will not be using these larger common areas at the same time. Each school will have separate classrooms, gymnasiums, offices for administration, science labs and each school will have their own nurse.   

2. Logistics
Start times for the two schools will be staggered. Those times have yet to be determined.  Buses will drop all students, except Arbor Heights Special Education students, in the existing bus load/unload zone on Delridge Way SW.  Arbor Heights Special Education students will use the load/unload zone on Juneau Street on the north side of the building.  Parents of both schools can pick up and drop off their students in the south parking lot or on Delridge Way SW, south of the bus zone.  Students, parents and visitors can enter the building by using the existing south entrance or the main entry/exit into the building on Delridge Way SW. 

3. Safety and Security
There will be a consolidated Safety and Security plan developed by both schools’ safety committee. The consolidated plan will include emergency preparedness, critical incident management and student health concerns.

The next step in the colocation project is to continue communicating with you, our school partners and the larger community. To this end, we created a new link to the web page, “Boren Building News” on the district website, http://bit.ly/BorenBuilding. This page will be updated periodically with information about planning,  the colocation process and ongoing improvements. 

We look forward to working together on behalf of our students and school communities. 

Christy Collins           Dr. Shannon McKinney   
Principal, Arbor Heights Elementary   Principal, K – 5 STEM @ Boren
April 9, 2014 | Contact: Christy Collins, Principal